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nakigoe_x's Journal


   name: kanoma, sanaka, hitomi

   part: vocal

   birthday: 3.30

   where do you really want to go? a fan's room where
   pictures of me are put up

   name: 4ge

   part: guitar

   birthday: 11.22

   what do you really want right now? a waterbed (a big

   name: mizuha

   part: guitar

   birthday: 12.9

   who's in your family? dad, mom, older sister, older brother,
   me, dog, dog, dog, dog, dog

   name: lay

   part: bass

   birthday: 1.2

   if you could change what you were born as, what would
   you become?
a teletubby

   name: towa

   part: drums

   birthday: 6.1

   how do you relieve stress? i sleep

Fatima is quite possibly one of the most unique bands in the indies v-kei scene. Their songs are a mix of incredible composition and story-like lyrics that go beyond the typical copycat bands that (unfortunately) now dominate the scene. Their stage performance is fucking amazing, entertaining, interactive and fun. Formed in 1998, their disbandment in June of 2005 took something from v-kei.

If you're looking for a community for the band, go here » candy trippers «

This is solely an update journal for the website, 鳴き声, a website run by two people who were fortunate enough to see Fatima live, and who now find themselves slaves translating lyrics, interviews, etc. You can also find news here concerning the members' new projects. We are not in any way affiliated with the band. All material is copyright Fatima.

高田馬場AREA 10th Anniversary!

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