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As mentioned, we finished another translation. :D You can read it here ---> 'Mirror Twins': Lay & Sanaka Shoxx Interview. We also scanned some older flyers, so be sure to check them out here ---> Scans. We're hoping to get a few more translations up this coming week! ♥


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Translated an interview from 8.2003 ---> Fake lock stars' starting point?! & Mabuta #21 has been translated as well ---> Foods that go together Another interview is just about done! If you haven't been following what Moran and Obscure are up to, well, Moran's got a lot of crap coming up! They're going to be having some special talk lives on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Also, Obscure's 3rd live is going to be held at the end of November! Yayyyyyy. <3

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Finished translating the first Doukouhansha! It's got a great title: Hitomi Time! :D

The plan is to catch up with the rest of those ... and then work back to those millions of Mabuta. Haha.

In other news! Obscure's first live is coming up on 8.30! Anddd, Moran's first oneman will be on 9.7!

Exciting. We only got 4 minutes to save the world. ♥

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I thought this was an interesting recent post from Soan/Towa concerning Lay and 4ge's new band, so I went ahead and translated it. I've also posted the translation in the LJ community for Obscure, obscure_bunny. So check it out! :D

5.4.2008, 'Shi'Collapse )


NEW BAND! It's been announced everywhere, but just to say it again: Lay and 4ge have formed their own band! The band's name is Obscure. OHP = http://obscure-web.com They even have a Myspace, hahaha. It's : www.myspace.com/obscureweb

The lineup is:
nobara - vocal, guitar
zizi makia - guitar, mac
cake - bass, mac

So, some more name changes! But Cake -- LAY! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Nothing up for schedule yet, but we'll see.


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