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Speeddisk ticket details - nakigoe.info
Speeddisk ticket details
Details for the Revival Event Announced (source: http://xxxrecords.jp/speeddisk/)
Normal Sale: 4.3 (Saturday)~
* Lawson's L-CODE: 73287
* Pia's P-CODE: 101-315

Speeddisk Web Presale Details
Before the normal sale, there will be a presale. For those who want to take part, please submit your ticket request(s) in the following way. At your nearest post office (Japan post offices only), please fill out the postal transfer form with the information below and make your payment via bank deposit transfer.
[kouzabangou] Account Number: 00130-3-36009
[kanyuusha] Member Name: yuugengaisha batsubatsubatsu records
[furikomijin, shimei] Requester's Information (address & name): Address, Name
** Please write all of information legibly**
[kingaku] Payment Amount: Ticket Price (4000-yen) x Number of Tickets + Shipping & Handling (600-yen)
[tsuushinran] Message(s): [1] Fatima [2] 6/28 O-EAST [3] Desired number of tickets **5 max per person** [4] Home Phone Number &/or Cellphone Number (a contact number that you can definitely be reached at)
We'll be taking requests from 3.15 (Monday) till 3.23 (Tuesday)
Postal transfer examples:
* 1 ticket -> 4600-yen (4000-yen x 1 + 600-yen)
* 2 tickets -> 8600-yen (4000-yen x 2 + 600-yen)
* 3 tickets -> 12600-yen (4000-yen x 3 + 600-yen)
* 4 tickets -> 16600-yen (4000-yen x 4 + 600-yen)
* 5 tickets -> 20600-yen (4000-yen x 5 + 600-yen)

* Shipping & Handling is 600-yen no matter the number of tickets you purchase (Limit 5 per person). Be aware that post office service fees are different depending on the post office.
* If you make a mistake on the postal transfer form, it is possible to get a refund. Further, if the number of presale ticket requests exceeds the number of tickets available, it is possible to get a refund. Handling fees will not be reimbursed. You should be reimbursed no later than the date of normal sale.
* Tickets will be sent through registered mail. If you haven't received your ticket(s) ten days before the event, please contact us. If you contact us after the event, you cannot recieve a refund.
* If you change your address, please inform us as soon as possible.
* Please keep a hold of your postal transfer receipt until you've received your ticket(s). If, by chance, you don't receive your ticket(s), this will be proof of your purchase.
* The reference number on the postal transfer form has nothing to do with the ticket numbers.