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Details for the Revival Event Announced (source: http://xxxrecords.jp/speeddisk/)
Normal Sale: 4.3 (Saturday)~
* Lawson's L-CODE: 73287
* Pia's P-CODE: 101-315

Speeddisk Web Presale Details
Before the normal sale, there will be a presale. For those who want to take part, please submit your ticket request(s) in the following way. At your nearest post office (Japan post offices only), please fill out the postal transfer form with the information below and make your payment via bank deposit transfer.
[kouzabangou] Account Number: 00130-3-36009
[kanyuusha] Member Name: yuugengaisha batsubatsubatsu records
[furikomijin, shimei] Requester's Information (address & name): Address, Name
** Please write all of information legibly**
[kingaku] Payment Amount: Ticket Price (4000-yen) x Number of Tickets + Shipping & Handling (600-yen)
[tsuushinran] Message(s): [1] Fatima [2] 6/28 O-EAST [3] Desired number of tickets **5 max per person** [4] Home Phone Number &/or Cellphone Number (a contact number that you can definitely be reached at)
We'll be taking requests from 3.15 (Monday) till 3.23 (Tuesday)
Postal transfer examples:
* 1 ticket -> 4600-yen (4000-yen x 1 + 600-yen)
* 2 tickets -> 8600-yen (4000-yen x 2 + 600-yen)
* 3 tickets -> 12600-yen (4000-yen x 3 + 600-yen)
* 4 tickets -> 16600-yen (4000-yen x 4 + 600-yen)
* 5 tickets -> 20600-yen (4000-yen x 5 + 600-yen)

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From Fatima's OHP: Quick Announcement, Second Shot!
Special Limited Revival Event!
"Gokusaishiki yume esoragoto [a richly colored fabricated dream]."
Details decided!

Date: 6.28
Place: Shibuya O-EAST
Event Name: Gokusaishiki yume esoragoto [a richly colored fabricated dream]
Doors open: 17:30
Show begins: 18:30
Ticket prices: [Advanced] 4000 yen [Day of] 4500 yen (Separate drink ticket, 500)
Artist: Fatima

* Presale 3.15 (Monday) ~ 3.23 (Tuesday)
-- Web Presale --
* Details at http://xxxrecords.jp/speeddisk/
* 5 tickets per customer
* There will be a lottery if the number of ticket requests exceeds the number of tickets available

* Normal sale
4.3 (Saturday) ~
Lawson's 0570-084-003 (L-CODE: 73287)
Ticket pia 0570-02-9999 (P-CODE: 101-315)
For more information, please contact: Shibuya O-EAST 03-5458-4681


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So this countdown is exciting, yeah? Unfortunately, we're not in Japan so we won't be able to get any tickets for anyone in case it is some type of revival live. :( However, if YOU'RE in Japan and are thinking about getting tickets, leave us a comment (or send an email to: panda.the.fierce@gmail.com :D) and maybe we can set something up! xDDDDDD

& we've updated with a couple translations (after a year). Mabuta #s 15 and 19. Gogogo!


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Well it's only been six months. Hahaha. :D Posted up a new mabuta in which Kanoma blabs about photographs, and his past love/hate relationship with Ultraman villains! Working on the usual-- poems, and more mabuta installations ('cause we're so behind). Hope everyone's doing good! <3


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Well, we managed to get two more things translated before the week begins. Fatima's first Cure interview, which involves a preaching Sanaka, alien-fighting 4ge, manly Mizuha, gentleman Lay, and sect leader Towa. xDDDD You can read it here ---> 'Clearing Up Fatima's Mysteries'. Also, we're finally cracking down on those Mabutas, so here's Kanoma's 22nd installment ---> 'Preconceptions'. Enjoy his babble concerning the discrimination surrounding occupational cosplay for nude models :D!!

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